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Why Moral Girls Love Bad Boys?

Why Girls Love Bad Boys? 

Is it true women fall for bad boys…

Two people no matter how incompatible they seem, are still together and the most prominent question relating to incompatibility that arises in one’s mind is why girls love bad boys….
Love is considered to be the most amazing, wonderful and sacred of all emotions that we as humans experience. Humans are in fact blessed with the ability to experience this wonderful emotion of being attracted to another person in more than just physical sense unlike other animals.

When two people fall in love, they experience turbulent emotions and their lives change like never before. The feeling of being in love is fulfilling and emotionally refreshing in which two people are ready to give it their all to each other without any expectations and restrictions. However love, no matter how beautiful and amazing it feels, is essentially complicated and its complication doubles up when we see random couples around.

We are sure that you must have come across a couple where the girl is the sweetest person on the planet with an ever smiling face and the guy is most disgustingly weird, pierced and rude or is it your own story? We all have grown up listening to the phrase “opposites attract” but the question of why girls love bad boys has definitely more strings attached to it.

Good girls are often blessed with a power of intuition and are extremely serious about their relationships but when it comes to being in love, few of them fall for the commitment phobic, emotionally unavailable and unromantic kind of bad boys. The question of why girls love bad boys has haunted psychologists and common people of various generations and thus they have pointed out several reasons that result in this attraction.The most prominent reasons of good girls falling for bad boys are enlisted below:

Bad boys need to be fixed
Girls are essentially problem solvers and most of them tend to play agony aunts for their friends. Thus as soon as a girl finds a hard to talk and disgustingly weird and rude kind of guy, she immediately assumes it as a problem and in fact a problem that needs to be fixed. More than love, the guy is perceived as a project by the girl and she involves herself deeply in order to fix this project. Little does she realize that getting deeply involved with a guy makes her emotionally dependent on that project ‘bad guy’.

Bad boys are mysterious
Mysterious guys are highly attractive in the most unusual ways. Bad guys are often characterized by their secretive and mysterious attitude that largely intrigues few good girls who are confident and open. The girls with high morale take it as a challenge to unleash this mystery and the secrets behind that emotion-less and expression-less face.

Bad boys are indifferent
Bad boys don’t give a damn to the needs and expectations of others. All what is important to them is their own self and their needs and they tend to ignore the rule-books that are followed by general people. On the other hand, good girls tend to go by the rules of the society and are considerate about each and every person’s need around themselves. Thus when a girl with high morals comes in contact with a bad guy, all what she gets is ignorance which becomes the most attractive quality of that guy. No girl likes to be ignored and she will go to any extent to grab the eyeballs of that rude and ruthless guy. At the end of this practice, all she realizes is the fact that she has fallen in love with that ignorant man.

Bad boys are interesting to the core
Good girls have a steady routine and in fact boring lifestyles while bad boys have the most adventurous and complex stories to tell. It means when both these come in front of each other, their conversation results into a number of fireworks and the girl finds the bad guy’s story and sense of perception extremely attractive and interesting. A bad guy is always wild, full of fire and new ideas which makes him more exciting than all the good guys out there.

Bad boys are confident
Self-confidence is one quality that instantly attracts people around and when a strong sense of confidence is exhibited by a bad guy, then it makes him all the more attractive and irresistible especially for a good girl. A bad guy would always be confident about the clothes he wears, the food he eats and the friends he makes and would never bother her girl for the pettiest of issues. This quality is a major turn on for all the good girls who are often shy and reserved.

Good girls like being controlled
Most of the girls often come with a traditional mindset where they perceive guy as a person who is constantly controlling the girl. Bad guys have a controlling nature where they want everything according to their own taste and needs. The good girls in a away love the fact that someone is controlling them and this is the reason why they fall for bad guys instead of the good ones.

Bad guys often initiate the relationship
Good girls as we all know are often shy and reserved and thus would never think of approaching a guy themselves. On the other hand, most of the bad guys except the ones that are highly ignorant and full of attitude would easily approach a girl for a date or a proposal for relationship. The fact that a guy pursued a girl, no matter how good or bad he is would make him extremely attractive for a good girl.

Last but not the least, the universal fact of opposites attract too supports this theory of good girls falling for bad guys. Few girls falling for such guys can often have drastic and nightmarish relationships that can be emotionally turbulent while others have even experienced their fairy tales with the bad boys as well. So the future of your relationship with a bad guy depends on mutual understanding and compassion that guards your relation. One can’t change the hard fact of this attraction among the opposites but sometimes a little control and self-belief can save a good girl from bad heartbreak and emotional stress of being with a bad guy.