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How to date a single Muslim? Legends and Myths.

Dating a single Muslim
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Dating someone is always a special time in one’s life and dating single Muslim is not an exception, as well. Feeling that instant connection with someone and exploring the possibilities of a relationship is always a wonderful phase of a person’s life. It is often being said that “love conquers all odds” and surely it does, but you better be sure that the person you are involved with feels the same about you. 

And for all girls out there, it surely is important because girls have a better instinct than guys when it comes to realizing true sentiments. However all these things can be made a little easier by knowing well about a guy or girl you are going to date in advance. And if the guy you are dating or you are planning to date single Muslims, then we have a few wonderful advices on how you can date him in the best possible manner.

Dating a singe Muslim is as ordinary as dating a man/women of any other religion but a little attention and knowledge about Muslims and Islam can somewhat prove beneficial for you to have a long and amicable relationship. Muslims are characterized by their exceptional good looks and features and above all by strong persona. While traditional Muslim men are considered to be rigid, there are also Muslim men with a lot of modern outlook. A common trait in all Muslims, be it girl or boy is their belief in religion. Islam is one of the most orthodox modern day religions and its teachings are very clear and concrete. 

Their religious beliefs and values play a very important role in their lives, thus when you date a single Muslim, The first thing to keep in mind is to be respectful to Islam and Muslim community as a whole. You must be tolerant to his/her beliefs and values because their whole upbringing is based on these values.
Secondly, most people believe that Muslims can date and marry people only of their own religion, but this is not all true. Muslims are allowed to date people from all religions but according to orthodox traditions they can date “men and women of the book” like Jews and Christians. So if your partner is Muslim and you are Christian, then you are going by all the traditions and not breaking any Muslim laws.

However, Muslims with modern outlook do indulge in dating of their choice and often seem to be extremely serious when it comes to love affairs. Yes, it is a common characteristic observed in a single Muslim man, he is very passionate about his relationships and so he wants his partner to feel the same. So, if you are planning to date single Muslim, then be ready to commit yourself to the relationship. The same beliefs seem to be true for Muslim women as well. But, there can be chances that your Muslim partner has different views because these are somewhat more typical aspects seen in single Muslims. These characteristics are not universal.

Very often it is said that Muslim women are not treated at par with Muslim men. So, if you are dating a single Muslim woman, make sure that she doesn’t have to go through the same complexities that she might be facing in her family life. Give her lots of space and respect just like the way a woman needs to be treated. And for all the women who are dating handsome Muslim men, always be faithful to your partner. A Muslim man values faithfulness very seriously while in a relationship, be it an affair or marriage.

As described earlier, Muslims are very considerate about their religion and if you happen to be in a serious relationship with a Muslim guy then you should be open to converting to Islam as well. Though it may not always be true for all the Muslim guys, but it’s a common trait, so you must be aware. Though marriage is possible without this conversion, but it may still come as an imposition for you in the most extreme circumstances. Although there is nothing wrong in getting converted, but be cautious about its consequences in advance.
It has also be seen that traditional Muslim men have little respect for girls who are not virgins, so one should be cautious before involving oneself in any physical contact with such men. 

Also, for men who date single Muslim women, please be patient as Muslim women are in general a little shy when it comes to getting intimate. Some of them may even consider hand touching or kissing as a taboo. However, this trait may not be true for all Muslims. There are Muslims who are even more broad minded than western people. So be open to all kinds of possibilities.

Eating pork is strictly forbidden in Islam and thus your date may not be sharing your ham burger. So, be a little alert while ordering for dinner or lunch. While going to a club or a bar on a date with your Muslim partner, be sure about his/her drinking habits because drinking is strictly prohibited in Islam. Another important thing to take note of is the month of “Ramadan” in which Muslims keep religious fasts for about a month. So, if you planning to ask for a date to them, make sure to check the calendar beforehand!

Another noteworthy thing that one should keep in mind while dating a single Muslim is that, please don’t have pre-conceived notions about them, Muslims are just as common as any Christian or Jew or Hindu is, but they are often seen in bad light, extremists, orthodox, harsh and what not. Judge your Muslim partner on the basis of his/her own merit, devotion and love for you and not on the typical beliefs or traditional values. Always be open to his/her views and make them feel as equals. Believe me, nothing would be more important if your love and affection for that person is strong and you are willing to make your relationship successful.