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10 Sex Ideas For A Hot Night

10 Sex Ideas For A Hot Night
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Alright, you want a steamy and hot night. What do you do? Well, if you answered “the missionary position” then get out of the room! That is not spicy. That is bland. It is boring. It is old person sex between two people who have been with each other for decades. What you want is something steamy and sexy. The ideas on this page are going to be brilliant. They will make you feel fantastic. You and your partner will love them.

1.If you absolutely must do that missionary position (and I suggest you don’t!), then grab some pillows. You want to stick them underneath the woman’s rear. This will turn her vagina up at an angle. The result is going to be far deeper penetration and far, far better orgasms.

2.Want to tease your man without letting him pounce all over you? Well, don’t take your clothes off. Strut around, showing off your stuff. 
A bit of lingerie, crotchless panties or something, almost certainly will not go amiss here. You will have your guy sweating, and by the time he gets his hands on you, you will be looking to a lot of hot and steamy sex.

3.What about the day before the night of awesome sex? Well, a couple of steamy and hot texts telling your partner what you want to do with them that is night is going to get them all hot and bothered. This is going to again lead to some rather brilliant sex that evening. In fact, you may be so hot that you get them to knock off work a little earlier so they can knock your clothes off quicker!

4.Sex whilst laying down is great. Sex whilst up against the wall is even better. Deep penetration and gives that ‘I just can’t wait to screw you’ vibe.

5.Sex outdoors. Try it! One of the best things you can ever do. Do make sure you do it in a semi-private location. There are laws against this type of thing! Of course, you do have that thrill of potentially getting caught.

6.Why not film the sex? This is a great idea and things can get really hot and steamy on that camera. I don’t suggest you watch that video back afterwards though…this isn’t a talent show. You don’t want to be judging yourself, right? Also some of the angles you catch may not be that flattering.

7.Sex in the shower is probably one of the best things you can do. You get to cover your naked body in tons of water, and you get to do the deed standing up. Perfect! Oh; and you can clean yourself off right after.

8.Get loud! As loud as you want! You will be surprised at how much loudness will turn both you and your partner on, particularly if you have never done it before. Try not to wake up your neighbors though!

9.Watch a dirty movie! There is no better way to turn the two of you on. Try to not touch each other for as long as possible. You will be gagging for it by the time you are both ready to ‘begin’.

10.Don’t have a shower? Well; a bit of ‘love in the tub’ certainly would not go amiss. Not a lot of space so you are going to have to really get up close and personal!