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Causes And Excuses Of Why Am I Still Single

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Why Am I Still Single?

 “Why Am I Still Single?”

Bored of being single all the time, or tired of your previous unsuccessful relationship? You have most likely thought over online dating or speed dating, but none of them seem to work.

So, what’s next? Do you want to bet your life on chance, or you are one of the people, who believe that love will find them?
Maybe you think your partner will appear all of a sudden, without any efforts. Are you insecure what exactly want?
Do you feel helpless to change the situation? So….?!

Dear Men and Women,

being single is your own choice. It’s your decision. It’s your life.
Yes, it’s possible “the love of your dreams” to find you”, why not. It will be fantastic!If you want this happen to you, though, stay positive and active, pursue your goals, make yourself worth to be loved and your “love” probably soon will “knock on your door.”

The Most Popular (mistaken) Causes Of Why Am I Still Single

Excuses Of Why Am I Still Single

“All the men I like are already married.”
“I can’t attract the right person.”
“I don’t have any extra time for dating women/men. I am too busy right now.”
“Pubs and online dating are not for me. I don’t like them both.”
“I prefer not to suffer again, single’s life gives me much more freedom.”
“Start living with someone else is a difficult task for me at this stage of my life. I got used to live alone.”
“I don’t want to confess myself, I need love. It will hurt me more.”
“Maybe I am odious.”
“I have no chances to find someone to love at my age.”

Have you heard that? Probably a million times. These are only your own restrictions. Learn to love first and stop your self-pity. Get rid of your fear of rejection and change things for the better, you can be attractive at any age. Love knows no limits.
People tend to think that there are no nice men/women around them. It is completely false. Perhaps, you have no idea how to find them. When you are an active participant in your life, not spectator, you could find someone. Don’t be afraid to try over and over again. Everyone has had their bad relationship experience. Turn over a new leaf and go on. There are always many ways to start a new relationship.
Almost every single man has his/her own explanation and excuses of why they are still single. Some of them point out their revenues, age-others say, have no time for dating etc. In my opinion, the biggest problem is the lack of confidence. In the most cases their excuses don’t correspond with the reality at all. Many of them are just “victims” of their expectations and demands.

For sure, there are thousands, or even million of singles in the world with “their problem,”but created successful relationships. So, what does this mean?! The general thing you have to realize is that, EVERYTHING depends on you! If you are looking for an excuse, you’ll certainly find it.

Listen to only your heart, not to your relatives and friends. Don’t let your emotions control your whole life. If you know exactly what you want, and who you want, you’ll draw it. Don’t wait to be approached, be self-assured and active. Diversify your social activities, attend concerts, festivals or parties.

Stop taking a passive role in your life and encounter the relationship you deserve. Draw on other singles experiences, be honest with yourself and don’t care what other people think of you!

In the end, what keeps you single is the way you “treat” your life. For sure, you examine it as bad or good things that happen to you. All the same, it’s your decision, to be happy or not, to be single or not. You are the one who choose what kind of relationship to want, fantastic or terrific. So, instead of complaining, enjoy yourself and stop asking,"Why Am I still Single? “

Have fun and start living your own greatest life!

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