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If you are looking for a great dating guide that can help you stop making the same mistakes we've been making for centuries, this great resource is for you. On this website you’ll find extremely valuable information. Here you’ll find the answer of many dating questions that people ask themselves, hoping to find their own true answers.
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Reliable Dating tips for women. Why men take you for granted?!

Dating tips that really work
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Reliable dating tips that you must keep in mind !

Falling in love is the most beautiful emotion that one could experience in his/her life, but for a woman/girl it is much more than that. Women are basically very instinctive and impulsive about taking the decisions of the heart while men are just the opposite in this thinking. A man would always dodge the questions relating to heart and commitment. Of course there are exceptions where men are emotionally responsive, but let’s talk about the majority today. Love at first sight is no more a concept in vogue and everyone wants to be sure of the person they are attracted to and the best way of exploring your prospective partner and relationship is dating.
Now dating is an extremely interesting concept and can surely take you to your prince charming. But what if, it lands you with a devil or Mr. not-so-perfect? You don’t need to be scared because all you lovely ladies we have compiled few reliable dating tips that you must keep in mind while dating a guy:

  • First Respect yourself

Having a high self esteem and self respect is always an important thing, however when women get into a relationship they start ignoring themselves, their whole world seems to be revolving around the guy. This is certainly not a desirable thing because the day your man knows that he is the most important thing in your life and you are willing to sacrifice your own identity for him, he will just lose all his interest in you. Just think why he fell for you, it is because of your own identity, interests and passions and when your own identity takes a backseat you won’t interest him anymore. So hold yourself in dignity and let him treat you like a princess that you are!

  • Don’t run after possibilities

A lot of women have hands on experience in running after a guy who is simply not interested in them and what they experience after some time is pain, anguish and heartbreak. If a guy you are dating is your prince charming, please ensure that you also mean the same for him. If he tends to ignore your calls or cancels the date time and again due to his busy schedule, ladies you should know that it’s time to move on. A man who is really interested in you would manage his work and personal life in such a way that gives him ample time to spend with you. So move on because you deserve much more than that un-attentive and ignorant man.

  • Never let him take you for granted

Men are extremely secretive when it comes to their feelings and especially in matters of love they won’t show their true feelings to the woman they are dating. Don’t ever let a man take you for granted in any way or at anytime of your relationship especially when you are just starting to have a conversation with him. There are chances that he might ask you for a date in a casual manner but in his mind he is hoping for you to say no!! Yes, a man would want you to say an interesting answer but not a yes, so always remember to play it safe when it comes to dating a man, you just need to make the task of reaching out to you more interesting for him.

  • Don’t involve your ex’s

In the early stages of dating, women must avoid talking about their ex’s be it ex-husband or ex-boyfriend in front of their present date. I know you want to start a transparent relationship and I am sure you will get one, but give your date some time to adjust to your interests and disinterests and don’t add extra baggage on his mind with the ex-talk. He may be giving you his full attention while listening about your ex, but believe me he’s not enjoying himself.

  • Mystery is always good

Dating is not a convenient way of pleasing your own self-obsessed personality, it is a way in which two people interact and get to know each other better. However most of the women make it a stage to share their autobiographies that may not interest your date in any way. Don’t just present yourself as an open book in front of him, let him work for a few pages and unleash the mysteries slowly along the pace of your relationship.

  • Look your best but only for him!

Beautiful woman attracts men like nothing else and you need to use this weapon to make your date feel exclusive. When he thinks that he is dating a woman that is a desire of all the men around, believe me he would love you more and all his attention would be for you. You just need to look your best when he’s around and you will get his unperturbed attention and affection. But a word of caution is that you must ensure that you don’t get involved in any kind of flirting with his friends and colleagues because that will make him feel insecure and insecurity is not good for any relationship.

  • Don’t rush things

Women generally have a tendency to confess their feelings or show them to their date but men on the other hand are extremely restrained. Thus, even if you think you’ve fallen in love the man you are dating, don’t rush to confess it in front of him. Spare him some time so that he can explore your world and ambitions. And yes, don’t say yes to a thing immediately just because he told you do so, be it the first kiss or the first act of making love, move cautiously because your man might be judging you on your faithfulness with such advances. Be slow, calm and in control of all the situations always.

I hope all these dating tips prove to be extremely beneficial in making your dating experience emotionally satisfying and exciting at the same time. Women are blessed with a great sense of intuition, so always make sure that you use your intuitive quality while finding the man of your dreams.