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How To Date A Celebrity?

How To Date A Celebrity?
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Can you imagine a dinner with a rock star, or dating the idol of your dreams?

Is it really possible to date your favorite celebrity?

Perhaps it sounds a bit startling, eh? Yes, it really could be fulfilled, but……you need a bit of a NAME, story and should be on a similar lever to him/her. 

Captured by the fame and money of their favorite celebrities, many young girls and boys have a dream of dating them. Honestly, each of us wants to be popular and dating a celebrity, but... "Is it worth it?"

Things to Know Before Dating a Celebrity
Don’t mix celebrities’ image (in movies) with their real personality!
You could be a little bit shocked to see them in a different “light”, in their real life.
Probably your favorite celebrity will have a lot of engagements.
Can you conform with his/her busy schedule? Would you like to travel a lot?

Will you fit into celebrity’s image?
Could you handle it?
You’ll be annoyed by rude paparazzi photographers, invading your personal space.
You’ll appear to be a center of attention from now on and mange all the speculations around you. Can you overcome that challenge?

Important Manners: “How to date a celebrity?”
If you are still not discouraged dating a celebrity, these basic rules may help you.
Don’t panic, they are also human beings, just be yourself and as normal as you can.
Try to create a positive image and dress attractively-the first impression is important.
Don’t be prejudiced against the celebrity. When you get to know each other, you’ll know what she/he is like in real.
Avoid public places for your date, take into consideration the privacy of the star. Bear in mind that fans are everywhere.
Don’t show embarrassment (just calm down) when talk to him/her. You can express excitement but don’t stare at him/ her during the meeting.
The celebrity is a common human like you, so be yourself not anyone else.
Before the conversation make a list of the things you want to ask him/her. Don’t be shy!
Let the date to flows smoothly without any efforts, make the celeb enjoy it. At the same time take care of every detail and don’t forget your manners.
Your individuality and sense of identity are very important.
·         find the agent of the star and write a letter
·         research the places that the celebrity usually visits
·         find a website where you can date celebrities, they also use online dating sites
·         join in contests (a lot of magazines and websites offer them), you have a big chance to meet a celebrity, then
·         search around, both online and in tabloids

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