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How To Stay Positive And Happy In Marriage

Positive and happy in marriage
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There are many choices you have to make in your life. 
The most important one is-to be positive or negative. Most likely you want to stay positive but have no idea how to achieve it. Maybe you have asked yourself many times “How can I turn this negative world into positive one?”, “How can I have a positive attitude with all of this going on?”Having marriage or financial problems, losing your job can put you down and destroy your positive outlook on life. So, then?!
How To Stay Happy And Positive During Our“Journey”?

How to stay positive?

All you have to do is to change your outlook and reprogramming it into positive one. If you aren't satisfied living that way, change it. Make negative things turn into a positive ones and keep a confident attitude in everything. Whatever happened to you, have a hope. No body say it would be easy, though.
  • Try to imagine that the best is yet to come
  • Think of who you really are and what is going down in your life
  • Ask yourself what you can improve and how
  • Ask others close to you the same
  • Always strive to become better
For sure your success will inspire others.

How to Stay Happy in Marriage?

Marriage can be full of great moments but sometimes it can be even frustrating. Staying happy in marriage might be a difficult task nowadays. If you make your wife feel good and happy she will feel indebted to you, giving you back her love to you. You have to be ready to take a shift in attitude of mind. To be happy you can’t rely on anyone else. It is a frame of mind. You are the one who choose to be happy and you can’t be responsible for your spouse’s happiness.

Is it possible to stay positive and happy when you are sexual dissatisfied? How to keep such a relationship?

My answer is: NO. If one of the partners isn't sexually satisfied, he/she will try to find that satisfaction elsewhere. You must know what are your spouse’s desires and to be ready to meet those desires. Be open-minded, discuss sex with your spouse and enjoy your sex life.

Do you know why some spouses stay happy together for a long time? May I stay positive and happy with my partner if I’ve been married for 30 years now?

Yes, you may. I think you have to face the challenges if you want to stay happy in a relationship with someone for a long time.
You have to make EFFORTS to achieve no matter what you do. Working together against known problems will make you stronger as a couple.
Getting a divorce is not a decision. Even after all stiff moments throughout your marriage you could stay happy, but what you need is to keep communicating and struggle for your enduring and positive relationship.
Remember! Work together with your partner and make EFFORTS to handle anything that comes at you!
Have you asked yourself “What every couple needs to stay happy for a long time”?
Love, of course. Don’t be shy to show your love, demonstrate it everywhere and always spend your time together.
Make EFFORTS and constantly show your love to your partner!!!! It’s not enough to say everyday “I love you”, demonstrate it. It'll keep your healthy relationship.

There are many ups and downs in a marriage and you need more efforts to stay happy.

I think these secrets could help you for a happy long-lasting marriage.
  • Never put your marriage at risk, because of career, man or another temptation. Often ask yourself what is more important.
  • Love your spouse not for their strengths but also accept their weakness.
  • Patience and understanding is a very important aspect of any marriage to stay positive and happy.
  • Avoid arguments, learn how to control your emotions!
  • Show respect to your spouse, don’t debate who is right or who is wrong.
  • Be dedicated and loyal to your spouse!
  • Communicate often with your mate! It’s the key to happy and healthy marriage.
  • Don’t talk only about your problems!
  • Try to establish strong marriage, sharing the positivism and happiness of being married.
If you looking for the key to stay married and happy, just communicate constantly with your partner.


Have direction in your life and stay focused. Remember you have to stay in the present, no matter what you did yesterday. Relax and grow positive!Surround with positive and friendly people. If you try to smile everyday, you’ll feel better.
Good Luck!

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