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How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?

How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?
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Ways and means to prevent teenage pregnancy
Dear Teenage Mother,
do you know the fact, that the USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world?
It means that teenage pregnancy is a social issue that causes a great concern. There are a lot of myths about how to prevent ovulation, but one of the most trustworthy and effective methods of controlling birth are condoms, emergency contraceptive pills (it helps if swallowed within 3 days of having sex), birth control pills, and contraceptive jelly.
How Early Teenage Pregnancy Can Affect Your Family, Girls?
For sure your life as a pregnant teenage mom will not be easy. If you are among girls who believe that douching with coke after having sex will prevent them from pregnancy, you are truly naive. As a teenage mother you can feel frustrated by the demands of your baby.
Do you realize what impact your actions are going to have over your family? Sorry teenagers, but I think you are still not prepared emotionally, physically and mentally to take care of a baby. The best part of your life is before you, so enjoy the freedom of your teenage years

What are the risks and responsibilities of intimate relationship as a teenager?

Teenage mothers,
probably lack of finance is a serious problem for you when having a baby. For sure, you need own financial security, good education, pursuing a career, not only to count on your parents. Being a parent is a complex task and many adolescents have problems to handle it.
You should know that your newly born baby will be at risk, because of lower birth weight. As he gets older, it is more likely to do poorly in school. He also have a bigger chance of experiencing abuse and neglect. Teenage girls, bear in mind the fact that, there is a huge risk for you, when your kid grow up to experience a teenage pregnancy himself. You should know that your bodies are still not ready for motherhood. Later, this could provoke many problems for you.You must be educated on how to protect yourself from pregnancy. I’m sure, if you hear real life stories, you’ll understand that having a child is a lot of responsibility.
How To Communicate With My Own Kids?
Many parents aren't sure how (and when) to start talking to their children about sex. Be the first to talk with your teenage girl, otherwise she’ll find this info somewhere else and it will be impossible for you to control the way this information is presented to her.

The Moment Your Child Wants To Know More About Sex Is Crucial
Dear Mothers,
you have a great chance to start talking to your teenage girl how to prevent unwanted pregnancy, when her period occurs.
Ask her what she thinks about sex,be calm and informative.
Learn her how to make good choices, what to do when her boyfriend wants something more than kiss her.
Let your daughter know that you love her and you have faith in her.
Your boy can easily to become a father long before he can take this responsibility
Communicate Properly With Your Teenage Girl
7 Golden Tips
1.Learn your daughter to say”NO” to any boy who only wants to make sex with her.( Girls, don’t worry, you will not lose your boy’s friendship)!
2.Talk about unprotected sex and what are the advantages to use it. (Don’t forget it’s the most important way to prevent teenage pregnancy).
3.Explain her having a baby is a hard work-no more parties with friends, going to the movies or other amusements.
4.Say her it is a completely different life (after getting pregnant).
5.Tell your teenage girl that sex is a natural part of life and she will have enough time for this.
6.Repeat over and over again, that youth will have its way and she won’t be able to get back this part of her life, if she gets pregnant too young.
7.Answer her questions, but don’t mention about your mistakes in the past.

Teenagers Respect Your Parents!

Teenagers usually make impulsive choices and believe they are invincible and nothing may happen to them.If you value your parents, you’ll most likely to comply with their desires. If your parents have a healthy relationship with you, they will succeed to establish guidelines that will protect you from some big mistakes through adulthood.
Teenage girls, communicate often with your parents, don’t be fearful, approach them for help, guidance and support.

Final Thoughts
Dear Parents,
you should work together to solve problems. Allow your teenage girl the confidence to discuss serious topics with you (sexuality is one of them). Start open conversations with your kid to understand what are the consequences of unwanted pregnancy and learn what is parental responsibility.
Talk openly and clearly with your teenage girl to prevent early pregnancy, and remember that preventing it begins when your kid is still young. This is the time when you are establishing your relationship with your teenager.