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Shall I Forgive My Boyfriend For Having an Affair?

Shall I Forgive My Boyfriend For 
Having an Affair?

Many teenage girls are not sure if they can forgive their boyfriends for having an affair. When this happens to you, things will be not so clear.
Under some rare circumstances one could forgive, but not everyone. There are too many things to consider, many directions to think of, and many priorities to be arranged.
Most young girls are shocked to learn their boyfriends are having an affair and they start blaming themselves for that.
I think taking too much pressure is not the best decision. It’s better to take small steps, instead of taking extreme actions.
If you are having difficulty to forgive and not ready for that, explore the source behind your uncertainty.

You should speak to your lover about these doubts. Tell him what you need in order to be able to forgive. If he still loves you, probably he’ll satisfy your needs.
Don’t be shy, have courage and tell him the true. If you are one of the ladies who finds it hard to forgive, you can just moving forward and wait. As a females we are depending on our emotions and for us is more important what are his deeds over time. This is what really matters. We, as wounded girls can’t immediately switch our feelings off, can we?


Wounded ladies say that (regardless of the reason for having an affair) will meet difficulty believing him, that he will stop cheating. All of them ask the same question “Shall I kick him out, or forgive him?”.
Yes, “kicking him out” is the first thought which comes to you. It’s difficult to take this action, because there are many questions to be answered.
In my opinion the first thing to do is to let him stay for now. You need time to arrange things out and if you want to reconcile your marriage you have to forgive. Anyway, you’ll never get over the pain.
If he is one of the boys who show you that he truly sorry, then you have to reconsider your judgement. It is much easier to forgive a man who is not try to insinuate that having an affair is your fault.
He can say thousands of apologies and promises, but time and his actions will explain is it true. Probably, in the beginning, because of the lack of information you will need to wait and see how he acts. Don’t try to save the relationship.............!
Ask him for genuine remorse. Don’t be shy to tell him everything you are tormented by. Most boys don’t sorry for the affair, they only sorry that they got caught.


  • they believe forgiveness is for faithful spouses and consider their relationship as such
  • they decide that their lover made some changes that satisfy them enough
  • they know that forgiving their partner is very hard, but it can truly be worth it
  • they believe it is a test for their relationship and it’ll become stronger than ever


As a matter of fact many boys andgirls develop empathy and wouldn't want to hurt each other. Most ladies admit their boyfriends really sorry that they have hurt them. Probably you’ll be fulfilled with different feelings-one day you’ll be ready to move forward and on the next day you will not be sure if are you ready.
Don’t afraid of that– these emotions are normal. Be patient and tell your fellow that you don’t want a revenge. If honest, your partner will confess that, he wasn't getting his needs met. This type of guys have poor self-control and usually they regret later. These youngsters declare that they greatly regret. Unfortunately, it’s too late. For many partners it is a signal that they have to talk more about their needs and expectations of relationship.
Remember! You don’t forgive him, you forgive to yourself. Thus, you save yourself from all these hurtful feelings that eat you from inside. The choice is yours-to free yourself, or not.
Don’t allow anything to drag you down, forgiving makes you more stronger and self-confident. Everyone has experienced crises situations in their relationships.Yes, it is painful and nobody wants to repeat it, but you are the only one who can overcome it.

My final statement is”Yes, forgiveness is possible!”.