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Relationship Questions: How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Kids

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Healthy Relationships

Do you know how to have a healthy relationship?

Are you among those people who repeat the same mistakes over and over again? Wonder how to have a healthy and successful relationship with your kids?
Everyone of us dreaming to have a good and affectionate relationship with their children. Maintaining it isn't hard but many parents have no idea how to do it.


I think it starts with a good communication. It’s an important part of every solid relationship. Every long term relationship is founded on love and communication with your kids. Talk with them and follow closely them.
When raising your kid, using authority is not the best choice. Don’t force him to do things only you want. When communicating with him, explain the reason (what is good for him, or not) and you’ll earn his respect.

Be Sensitive to Your Kid’s Emotions And Feelings

Take into consideration the fact, that your child also have emotions and he doesn't know how to control them. Avoid forcing him to tell you what is going on when he/she is down. To show how much you care about him, you can give him a hug, or just a little kiss.
It is a great indicator for your love to him, even with no words. Don’t forget that the building of a healthy relationship with your kids should start when they are still young.

What Your Child Does Want to Hear From You?

These Statements Help For a Healthy Relationship With Your Kids!
Use Them Daily!!!!
“I love you so much!”
“I am very proud of you!”
“I believe in you!”

Being Friends

Have a special tolerance to your kid. He needs your love, fun, consideration, truth and gentle guidance during your relationship.
Many parents longing to have good relationship with their children, but aren't sure where the boundaries should be. Being friend with your kid doesn't mean you have to permit him everything he wants. Such weak boundaries could destroy your relationship.

Learn to Listen to Your Own Kids

Dear parent,
listening is as important as talking. Don’t force your ideas upon your children in every situation! Listen to what they are telling you in words.
Share Your Goals And Dreams With Your Children. Do Some Things Together.
To make a strong bond (essential for his emotional stability) with your kid, try to get involved in some activities with him, spend more time together. If he/she feel close to you, he/she will have a desire to listen to you.

Be Open And Honest With Them

We are models to our children and honesty is the right policy in behaviour with them. It doesn't mean to tell our children everything they ask, to maintain a healthy relationship. If you want your kids to make good decisions, don’t tell them lies even when you have to tell them something they don’t want to hear.

Be Interested in What They Doing! Admire Them!

Being persistent and having a constant communication with your kid makes your relationship healthy and easy. Show care about your child, try to establish interest into his/her hobbies and life. As communicating with your kid you are holding his attention, thus he/she will be able to trust you, giving you more reasons to talk to you.

Spend More Time With Your Kids

It’s another efficient way to have a great and healthy relationship with your kids. If he/she is doing something wrong, make sure you tell your child in a calm manner. Avoid confront them. No matter how heavy the conversation is, thus you’ll become more understanding and you can give them better advice. Show respect towards your kid, because he/she is your ”mirror”. Spend more time with them, if you want to have a good and easy relationship.

Final Thoughts…

The Necessity of Limits
To have a warm relation with your kids, it is not enough to show only love and care. If you let them to do whatever they want, it means you aren't taking responsibility as a parent. So, the absence of regulation isn't the right decision. As a parent you have to decide what your kid is allowed to do and what not to do. You may disagree, but these limits give your child the sense of protection. Even he/she will feel more loved and cared for. In order to have a good and healthy relationship with your kids, you have to put some boundaries of their life, making it trouble less and smooth.
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