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Is it good to start dating after a break up?

Things to consider before dating after a break up
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Don’t worry, a break up is not the end of the world. After a divorce you can choose between two things: dating someone new, or to sit back and wait time to heal the wounds.So, what is the right choice, then? To start dating immediately after a break up, or not?
If you have been married for years going through a break up and the idea of being alone can frighten you:
  • keep busy with your work
  • go to a movie or dinner with your friends
  • visit events or concerts
  • meet people who have the same experience
  • find a hobby
  • don’t rush into a new relationship before healing your heart-take time
  • talk with your friends about your problems
  • go on visiting speed dating events (never knows when you meet your new soulmate)
  • rebuild your confidence- take things slow
  • Before start a new relationship, think of:
  • If he/she is constantly in your mind-let things blow over (It’s obvious you need more time).
  • (If you have intense feelings you re not ready or new relationship. Maybe you are still emotionally bound to him/her).
  • (Often referring to him/her in conversations with your closest friends is a signal you are not ready to move on).
  • (Looking for a new relationship eliminate this opportunity. Being sentimental is not a good decision).
  • Healing after a painful breakup can take time. I think it’s a bad decision dating someone who has just gone through a break up. Most often these relationships don’t last very long.
  • Many people make a lot of mistakes quickly starting a new relationship after a hard break up and then regret. Overcoming a divorce requires a lot of patience and time. Yes, some people very quickly rise on their feet after a traumatic divorce, but others......unfortunately not.
  • You’ll surely want to forget the pain and go to a bar or a night club. Drinking one or two beers will raise your mood, and you’ll start thinking that if you meet someone it will decrease the hurt.
Don’t delude yourself-you’ll need a lot of time to overcome the break up! If you start dating someone soon after the break up, you’ll most likely to end up with the wrong one. Think carefully it can lead to another divorce.

If You Feel You’re Getting Sick, Try to:

Dating too early after a break up means you have no idea what you are doing
What is the best decision, then?
  • Do you think often about your ex?
  • Can you control your emotions when accidentally see him/her?
  • Do you often mention her/him when you talk with your friends?
  • If you asked a favor to your ex, will you please her/him?
  • Do you think of recovering your relationship?
  • Do you compare your ex to other women/men?
If you answered most of the questions positively, your wound is still deep. Think twice!

Jumping immediately into a new relationship will not solve the problem.

I think there is no right time when to start dating. It depends on your emotional stability, or your courage. As a matter of fact, the longer the relationship is, the longer time it takes.
You are responsible to decide are you ready for a new relationship, or not. Bear in mind that still having some feelings to your ex can have impact over any future relationships.The process of recovering after a breakup takes different time for everyone.
It won’t be a surprise if your relatives, parents or friends make some attempts to rush you into dating, immediately after a break up. Please, don’t let anyone do it! Listen to your heart and start dating when you feel ready for that.
Probably you long for a new relationship, but not sure how to start it? It’s up to you! If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Good Luck!

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