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If you are looking for a great dating guide that can help you stop making the same mistakes we've been making for centuries, this great resource is for you. On this website you’ll find extremely valuable information. Here you’ll find the answer of many dating questions that people ask themselves, hoping to find their own true answers.
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Best Dating Websites UK

Online dating - best UK sites
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Dating websites started becoming popular just in the past couple of years but since then more than 90 million singles have joined one of the dozens of sites that are currently out there. Strangely enough, there are dating sites for all kinds of people. Currently, there are dating websites for black people, Christian’s, farmers, prisoners, the wealthy, ugly people, and even nudists. Regardless of what country you live in, there are just as many options for you, and the majority of the time they don’t differ much from those offered in the United States.

The best and most popular dating website in the UK is UK edition. This site has won numerous awards worldwide and continues to be the most popular and highly rated website in the UK. With more than 5 million users in the UK and a very moderately priced program, it’s obvious to see why this site tops the UK charts. Their compatibility tests are a really cool way to meet and get a date. Their site is easy to use and makes for a fun experience. is a close second to for the best dating website in the UK. It also has over 5 million users in the UK and is priced also exactly the same as the previous site. The only thing that sets these two sites apart is a lack of unique features where is concerned. is another very popular dating website in the UK. There aren’t nearly the numbers of singles signing up for Parship as seen in the previous two sites and it is much higher priced than its predecessors. Even though Parship has been around for more than ten years, it seems to get lost in the search for most singles. is the fourth best datingwebsite in the UK and if it had more singles signing up, it would have probably taken the third spot. However, it appears that other than a little lower price, the only thing My Single Friend has going for it is that you can look and search for profiles of other members before actually signing up.

The fifth and last site on the best dating website in the UK list is In general, Swoon is not that bad of a site and currently has over 1.8 million users. The prices for joining the site aren’t outrageous either. However, Swoon claims to be this “amazing” site but there is nothing amazing about their site. With a few improvements to their site, there’s no doubt they would catapult themselves to at least number 3 on this list, and they would probably easily double their membership database with these improvements.