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How To End A Relationship With Selfish Guy?

How To End A Relationship With Selfish Guy?

Getting Ready to End the Relationship.....

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful and fulfilling of all the emotions. And why not, you don’t fall in love with someone everyday and when you do, life changes completely. 

Things seem to become easier, everyone around seems to be happier and you could feel contended and affectionate all over again. However in order to have a happy and contented relationship, there is a need of equal and opposite ‘give and take’ of emotions among both the partners. But what if, one of the partners is not returning back anything to the relationship and is just busy fulfilling his/her own selfish desires. Well then my dear friends, you are with a selfish person and you better look for the perfect opportunity to end your relationship. Learn how to control your emotions – here.

A selfish guy is someone who just thinks and talks for himself and doesn’t consider the importance of other people’s in his life. And when such people get into a relationship, they literally suck all the emotion and affection provided by the other partner without even bothering about their partner’s emotions. Selfish people often treat their partners as mere objects without any heart or brain and they would treat you as puppets who should always listen to them without any refutation or negotiation. 

A selfish guy would often make the partner insecure because of his/her absence from the relationship literally. All they do is think and talk about them without even giving it a thought about how their partner would feel like. In fact many selfish people would often criticize their selfless counterparts for being too demanding in the relationship. Thus the selfish person makes their partners feel lonely, unhappy and guilty of spoiling the relationship.

Many people suffer and get exploited at the hands of their manipulative and selfish partners without even realizing that selfishness works like a poison in a relationship. They need to understand that love itself is a selfless feeling, so how does one can have a fulfilling love story with the feeling of selfishness attached to it. People suffering at the hands of a selfish person often approach their friends and counselors with one common question ‘How to end a relationship?’, but not everyone has the capability to solve your dilemma. Thus today we bring to you the perfect tips and answer to the question ‘how to end a relationship’ especially with a selfish guy:

  • Recognize the fact that your partner is selfish

It has been observed that most of the people often fail to realize that their partners are selfish and thus their lives are often filled with the feeling of remorse and misery of not having a ‘happily ever after’ kind of relationship. But one needs to use their mind and realize the fact that they are being used in a relationship by the person they probably love the most. Realization is very important in order to save oneself from getting humiliated and manipulated time and again.

  • Talk it out

No matter how dominating your partner is, you need to make them aware of the fact that they are selfish and for this there is a dire need of a conversation. Selfish people often shun the idea of a conversation because they want to be in control of the situation every time. But no matter how your partner behaves or reacts, you need to tell them that their selfishness is eating up your relationship and love. There are chances that your partner might come to know about his/her negative side and would improve themselves and you both end up being together for the rest of your lives.

  • Detach yourself

If the conversation doesn’t works on your selfish mate then you must realize that it is time for you to detach yourself from him/her. No matter how much you love or adore them and how badly you want to be with them, you need to understand that one person can never make a relationship successful. A relationship becomes strong and healthy when it is nurtured by two people equally and a selfish partner would never make any efforts to make the relationship work. Breaking up instantly won’t be a good choice, so you need to understand that detaching yourself from your selfish partner slowly and steadily would put you on the path of happiness once again.

  • Make them realize the true meaning of ‘being Selfish’

We know that a selfless partner would never think of becoming selfish in a relationship. But remember the exploitation and misery your selfish mate has given to you and stand up for yourself. If you consider yourself a strong person than do try this technique because you never know that your partner realizes his/her mistakes eventually. Replicating their selfish behavior in front of them would make them realize their mistakes and eventually you would understand what thinking and mind set goes behind that selfish, ruthless and manipulative behavior.

  • Its’ time to say the final Goodbye

There are chances that your partner might change himself/herself in order to save the relationship. But honestly, selfish people never change and you must realize this fact as soon as possible in order to save yourself from the miseries and trauma that have an extremely bad effect on your own personality and confidence. Selfish people are often in search of the partners that are full of affection and care and thus they would spot you from a distance. But all you would get as a result from this relationship is the feeling of getting ‘used’ up at the end. Thus it’s a great decision to end up your relationship with such people and you don’t have to fill yourself with remorse and regret because you have been a wonderful partner and it is due to the malicious ways of your selfish partner that this relationship couldn’t work.

I hope you’ve got all the answers to the question of ‘How to end a relationship’ with a selfish guy. All you need to understand is that you deserve much better partner than what you are getting now in the form of your selfish mate.