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How to write personal online profile which draws women?

Online profile which draws women
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Online dating is one of the most wonderful ways of finding oneself a partner and it is getting a lot of attention by the people belonging to various age-groups spread across the globe. The growing popularity of the online dating websites can be attributed to the growing internet-savvy population and busy schedules of people that no longer let them sneak out for finding themselves a perfect date. Online dating is thus one of the most reliable, simple, affordable and uncomplicated way of finding oneself a potential partner. This medium of dating is open for both men and women alike and offers one a number of options to choose from.
In a recent survey on online dating websites, it has been found that nearly 3 men out of 10 men who have profiles on dating websites get response from the ladies, which means that the response rate for men is just 30% which is extremely low. On the other hand, nearly 80-90% women profiles on dating websites get a response from the male members. These facts make it clear that men are not able to draw female attention and something needs to be done about it. One needs to understand that your profile on a dating website is the picture of your past, present and future for the other members. Thus men need to design and create an online profile which draws women attention instantly. In order to assist you in creating the same, we have come up with a few useful tips along with certain do’s and don’ts for designing an online profile which draws women’s eyeballs towards you:

Keep the I’s under control

Most of the male profiles that we see today on online dating websites are full of I’s, for instance I am good at sports, I am a movie buff, I this and I that etc. Use of too many I’s in your profile makes it redundant and boring and not to forget it represents you as a self-centered person which may not be appreciated by lots of women out there. So try and keep these I’s under control and use sentences and phrases that represent you as a man who’s different from others.

Make your profile an engaging interaction

Men making profiles on an online dating website tend to forget that their profile is going to represent who they are and it is not a place to boast about what they have achieved in their lives so far. Women in general are attracted to men that are subtle and give them an equal chance to keep their point of view. Thus a man can use his profile to convey this fact to every woman out there by including questions, answers and basically engaging her in an interactive conversation. For making your profile interesting, include lines that match up to the way you speak to your friends and family.

Include a tagline that she’ll never forget

Each woman is different and so are her preferences for men but there is definitely something on your profile that has the potential of grabbing immediate eyeballs of all female members. The thing that we are talking about here is ‘the headline’ which has the capability of making or breaking your profile. The headline to your profile should be eye-catchy and amusing in a certain way, so that female members can’t resist themselves from reading your entire profile. An instant tip is to include funny lines from your favorite movie or lines from your favorite novel or poetry by your favorite poet. Such taglines would make your profile stand out from the rest and would convey them your interests and likings in the most unique manner and thus would let you have an online profile which draws women.

Avoid the cliché

Today, one can go through a number of male profiles on onlinedating websites that are full of clichés. The cliché means the obvious things that require no explaining or understanding and most importantly women don’t like to read them, so avoid it as much as possible. For instance, men have a tendency of writing themselves as attractive and intelligent but my dear friends, let the lady in question decide the fact whether you are attractive or not, after all your profile picture is saying everything about you already. Being intelligent or not is something totally irrelevant to write in one’s profile because intelligence is proven through actions and intellect doesn’t need any introduction. So, let your profile speak for your intelligence and attractive personality and don’t waste your words in elaborating the same time and again.

Be specific without being boring

Women are often attracted to men that are straightforward and simple to understand and comprehend, thus men shouldn’t waste much time in beating around the bush especially when they are writing their online dating profile. Be specific about what are your likes and dislikes are, without illustrating stories of how and when you did what. Keep your sentences crisp and make number of paragraphs to catch attention of the readers. Specificity in your profile would make it more interesting to read and would make it stand out from the rest of the profiles.

Mystery is always good

It is a world renowned fact that women are attracted to men who tend to be mysterious and don’t speak much. So, mystery is the biggest tool that helps men to make an online profile which draws women. Most of the men tend to write down everything about their life, the major incidents occurred, their achievements, their strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes etc. etc. basically their whole life journey in their dating profile which is not just undesirable but sheer waste of time and energy. Men need to understand that some amount of mystery and suspicion is always required for grabbing a woman’s attention and if she knows everything about you already by reading your profile, why would she take interest in approaching you or meeting you precisely, she would rather go for a man whom she has a lot to discover about. So the trick is to write a few things and hide a few in such a way that women become curious to find the things that you’ve tried to hide from them.