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What Are Wet Teen Dreams?!

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Have you ever found that your underwear or pajamas is wet, after waking up? If you are already in puberty, however, most likely you had a wet dream.
Wondering what are the wet dreams and why they happen? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that have teenagers who dream them:

What are wet dreams?
A wet dream is when you ejaculate while you sleep. Usually, ejaculation occurs whilst dreaming sexual experience or desire. You may not even remember the dream. No need to masturbate during sleep - you can ejaculate without even touching his penis.

What causes wet dreams?
When you enter puberty, your body starts to produce the male hormone testosterone. Once this occurs, it may begin to form and sperm. This means that you are able to fertilize an egg, that is, to make a baby. In practice, if you have sex with a girl, she cannot get pregnant from you.
 During puberty will begin to get an erection at different times of the day. This may happen at school, in the shower while watching TV. You can have erections during sleep. Semen can accumulate in the testicles and one way to release it is a precisely wet dream.

Is there something wrong if you often have wet dreams?
Wet dreams are a normal part of growing up. There is nothing that you can do to control them or stop. If it often wet dreams, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Some guys have wet dreams several times a week, while others may have only 1-2 in his entire life.Wet dreams will decrease significantly once you start releasing sperm through masturbation or if you have sex.

Does everyone have wet dreams?
To have wet dreams, you must be in puberty and your body can not produce sperm. During puberty wet dreams are very common in many teenagers, so do not worry - you're not alone!

Is there something wrong with me if I haven’t  wet dreams?
Not every teenager has wet dreams and if you have any, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you.

Do girls have wet dreams?
Although girls practically can not ejaculate, they can get an orgasm during sleep. However, girls have similar dreams far more often than boys.

What should I do if I have wet dreams?
When you wake up, clean ourselves. Wash your penis and testicles with soap and water, including the area under the foreskin (skin covering the glans penis) if you are not circumcised.

If you feel guilty or you're uncomfortable, you have such dreams, talk to someone and seek support. You can talk to a doctor, a close relative, counselor, etc. Look for more adult you trust and with whom you can talk openly, as friends your age probably will not be enough belongings and familiar with the topic and will not be able to truly help and understand.

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