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Why Girls Leave The Boy They Love?

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Love is something without which we cannot leave. Everyone dreams of finding the right mate, but we know how to keep to yourself? Sometimes we women choose to leave the relationship and the man she loves. Why? Here are a few reasons:

They feel lonely
Being in a relationship and you feel lonely, perhaps one of the saddest things that can happen in love. A girl wants to feel like it is important for your spouse. If she does not see support from your partner, there is no reason to continue to be part of this relationship.
When you are in serious relationships girls believe their spouse is the whole world. On the other hand there are boys who tend not to be 100% committed to their favorite and their relationship.
Then the girls begin to feel useless, lonely. When against their love and attention does not receive the same, she chose to leave.

Have not heard
Girls love to talk, especially after the long day when left alone with her beloved. Is important for them to share their feelings, emotions to express disagreement as to something and want to be heard. Women need to accept, respect and support.
On the other hand chivalry is a skill that few men possess. It includes namely good communication and that to be able to listen, to create feedback.
When confronted with visible blankly, misunderstanding and lack of support, it felt as if her partner took it for granted. Love is a struggle, demonstrating empathy. That is why a woman might choose to leave the man she loved.

Do not feel sexy
Men are sexual beings. When they want sex, they very quickly are "ready". In contrast, women need intimacy, foreplay, feelings, to feel that is highly desired by your partner. Routine sex is like a kiss on the end of a relationship. Women need the spontaneity of being courted again and again.
Sometimes occur moments when the woman realizes that is no longer so highly desired by her beloved. This makes her feel less attractive and sexy. That is why she chose to continue at another time, although your spouse loves.