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If you are looking for a great dating guide that can help you stop making the same mistakes we've been making for centuries, this great resource is for you. On this website you’ll find extremely valuable information. Here you’ll find the answer of many dating questions that people ask themselves, hoping to find their own true answers.
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Teen Problems – Answers To Top Sex Questions

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Fancy popular girl

Hello, Abela! I am a boy of 17 years - loser in school. In love with the most beautiful girl. She's one year younger than me. Anyone who studied at my school knows her. All the boys go after it with tongues and dream to have. I am one of them, but the problem is, I'm too shy to speak to her. Besides, I'm not the most attractive. And her boyfriend is the biggest bully in school. He's a punk and from my class. I've tried to forget her, but failed. No other is more beautiful than her. Peter, 17years old.
Peter, what can I say! It is not a slight to those who fall for the most popular girl. Is not there some other, more accessible, not so much stardom girl to capture your heart? And what you want to prove you guys who fight for the most beautiful girl? That you win it is more in the most? Have you thought why always win those punks in which you dreamed? Because not pursue at all costs. Because they themselves are unavailable. And exactly are interesting for girls like yours Juliet. So a few tips - be not so conspicuously in love-with-protruding-tongue, try to learn what she likes to her with something unusual. And really - why not see what is happening around you? Maybe there is a girl who is waiting to notice it?


Hi Abela, I am a girl of 15 years and realized that the desire to please the people around me pretending to be someone I'm not, and I lost myself! Look in the mirror and do not know the person who sees the mirror! I have a feeling that it's not me! Help me find myself. lost
Lost dear, what experience is not unusual! Almost everyone has gone through this stage. What matters is that you know what not. i.e. you starting line. We will do the reverse process of what you normally do - instead write on paper "things that they identify as a person," write "what I am" ... And once read the writing, you will have the basis for a new beginning. The next task is to use old magazines and make a collage of "what I think defines me as a person." So little by little will get to that knowledge about yourself that will help you feel found. This is not a solitary process, however. You can use your best friends and ask them to write you a "who you are" and see if it really contradicts your experience with them. Do not be afraid - to admit that you have lost, it is very brave and is actually the first and most important step to finding the true self.

My father is aggressive
Hello, dear Abela, I have a huge issue for me. My father drinks a lot and then became aggressive. Exploding without reason. Soon he reached me. My mother tried to stop him, but he tried to hit her. My mother avoided talking about it! Greetings!
Nice girl, first: there should be an open conversation between you and your mother. Second - you need to seek support for the two of you because you live in constant fear and tension of whether the father decides to chop you is not life! Please talk with your mother to seek help from social services under the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence! You have the right to defend yourself! Other options - work out your plan of action in times of crisis. For example - to whom you can go back if  keep your money in case of need, make a copy of all personal documents to have them handy if you decide to remove the house. If you can go to your grandmother or your grandfather for a while, also would be good. A person who has a problem with alcohol is difficult to admonish. He needs treatment. But to get there, we need his consent. You and your mother need strong support - from family, from friends, from neighbors and relatives! To know your father that you have what you need help and you are not dependent on it!

Follow me
Dear Abela, few weeks some strange guy following me, and go somewhere. I do not want to tell my parents because I'll allowed to leave. Frankly, he was dressed strangely enough, there hood that never takes off, apparently hiding his face! Ask me what to do to me trace this man more!
by Klara, 14 years old

I advise you as soon as possible to share with their parents, and then immediately to the police! Even if you have to go out anywhere companion for a while, deserves your trust! Do not know what the motives of this type! Police knows how to do his job in such moments. It is important for you to feel the protection and security to be able to continue with their daily activities without having to constantly look around!

Sex incident

Hello, Abela, I am a 15-year-old girl, who started sex. My problem is that during intercourse the condom slipped. My friend was not done. Even our sex was not right. This was my second time and it hurt still unbearable. I have two questions for you. The first is whether it is possible to'm pregnant, and the second - how can I make the pain more bearable?
Hugs all M…!

M…,. respect your desire to have safe sex, so it should be! Be careful how you put the condom in order to avoid such incidents. The penis must be erected. Not coated with various lubricants. A condom must be fully inserted. About whether pregnant - then it is not done, and not penetrated in you as it should, then the chances are minimal. But in the future must be careful! On the pain - it depends on how flexible virgin cuticle, how horny during the act at all - what is the atmosphere! So - there will be pain, but it might be more bearable if you do not hurry, act more mellow and romantic! Make sure to prone, you are protected (using a condom) and everything will be OK!

Gift - sex
Hello, Abela! I am a girl of almost 15 years. My problem is such that my friend, who is one year older than me, will soon have a birthday and wanted sex as a gift - it first. Can I do it before I change my cycle? Second - why does not he come yet? Please help me because it makes me very afraid! (It'll be the first time, and on it!) Thanks in advance ...

My dear girl, you can do before you came cycle, but if you're ready? Or doing it just because he wants? I advise you to wait a bit. Let his gift be a prelude to something more intimate - such as kissing, pressing, but nothing more. Let us know yourself before you throw in the vast lands of sex. Get to know your bodies! Are you sure in your feelings? Educate yourself on the topic of sex, to not have to ask me some questions and then after the fact! On cycles - up to 16 years of age should you come. If late, and then, then it is advisable to consult with an endocrinologist!

Is he sincere with me?

Hello, Abela! I'm 17 and I have a friend who is much larger. Together we are nine months. Many love it! The same model was the first man with whom I was intimate. And the problem is that I'm jealous. And sometimes I just do not know if he is sincere, if he loves me, that keeps me and not with me for sex ... He tells me he loves me that he misses me. He did not say and his mother that he has a girlfriend, and I feel that I hide, and I'm not a spoilt girl etc. What should I do?

Your problem is not jealousy, but in the sense of insecurity, which is the basis of the situation. The normal reaction to everything that I wrote to talk to him. To ask all the questions they bully to get more or less direct answer, if cool guy, or at least to see his reaction, if not quite so cool and your doubts are justified! There is no point looking for answers just by guessing! Be direct and brave to endure the information you looking for!